River Chimica


For 70 years in the heart of Tuscany and in the heart of the tanneries, always looking to the future.

River Chimica is an intrinsic part of Italian tanning history, especially in Tuscany, where the company, established by Giuseppe Ciampalini initially under his own name, has been based since the 1950s when it manufactured and marketed products for the tanning industry and as a waste of this, for floriculture.

RiverChimica is synonymous of research and development in the tanning sector

The company has increasingly focused on study of the tannery segment over the years, acquiring leading Italian and global chemical branches in addition to investing in production plants for the manufacture of its own formulas.

A commercial network that includes more than 30 countries around the world

Today, River Chimica has a sales network that spans multiple continents, with head offices and its soul in Tuscany, the beating heart of world fashion and where everything started.