Riverchimica counts on a technologically advanced production site able to develop internally a full product range and innovative solutions destined to any type of tanning process at any of its production phase. Bearing in mind the importance of our customer river chimica focus mainly on the quality of the service. According to this the company have available a fully furnished  warehouse and  sales agents all over italy and the world to be able to assist tangibly tanneries in their needs relying on its italian know how.

Soaking agents
Degreasing agents
Anti-wrinkle and beam house auxiliaries
Deliming and bathing agents
Pre-tanning agents
Pickel and tanning agents
Tanning agents
Anti-bacteria and anti mould agents
Re-tanning agents
Fat liquors
Wet end dyes
Finishing auxiliaries
Polyurethane resins and cross linkers
Acrylic and butadiene resins
Water and solvent based lacquers
Solvent based patent
Cationic auxiliaries
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We answer all your requests

Flexibility and service as main guidelines of any company’s decision in order to give always effective answers. R&d laboratories, production sites, and company structure are fully shaped on the tanneries real necessities. This allows us to provide the leather sector with an high added value service at any of the production phases. A strongly customized and flexible service leads river chimica to be able to offer 360 solution for the tanning industry.